The Home Buying Process

1. Get Pre-Approved This is by far the most important step. Most Americans are not able to pay cash for a home so you will need a lender to review your credit, income and assets and pre-approve you for financing. Without a pre-approval, a potential home buyer is essentially “window shopping” and could be wasting […]

Books & Music

Mother Teresa

Today the great mother is not among us. She has gone to her heavenly abode. But her sacred halo and permanent influence are to remain with us for all times to come. Her kindness and compassion are the cherished germs which the grateful humanity will not ever forget. The holy virgin mother Teresa was a […]


Mahatma Gandhi

People Like Mahatma Gandhi are born once in thousand years. They do not come to the world everyday. The are apostles of peace and non-violence. They are incarnations who descend for the welfare of the down trodden and the poor. They walk shoulder to shoulder with the common folk. They do not like be a […]