Use of Amethyst in Health

After all these comments, you can see that the amethyst is a stone with a lot of energy and extraordinary properties that will undoubtedly help us to reorganize, focus and see our environment in a more positive way, eliminating the toxic effects Around us.

Amethyst is also considered the stone of healing thanks to its great number of properties and benefits in both the emotional and the physical part of the person. Being a mineral that affects both the mood makes it used in alternative therapies as an indispensable tool to help the person feel better both their physical ailments and their disorganized or confused mind.

Every woman with a calm and self-assured mind has and will have iron health.

Therapeutic use: Amethyst gem therapy ·

The gem therapy is the use of minerals to heal body, mind and spirit. Each mineral has specific properties to solve a malaise in our life; the combination of all of them in the body of the person makes it possible to find a greater well-being in their quality of life.

Next we will explain how to use the amethyst so that its healing properties can have an effect on our body according to the discomfort that we have:

  • Constant migraines:

The constant headache is related to the crown chakra and hormonal regulation. It is advisable to use two crystals, the first put in the center of the head, between the two cerebral hemispheres, and the second under the neck or neck. Keep the amethyst quartz for 10 minutes. It is advisable to lie on a comfortable surface. Perform the exercise for several days.

Intestinal pains or menstruation:

Pass the amethyst stone in circles in a clockwise direction for at least 10 minutes through the area of the belly and the second chakra. It is also advisable to leave the stone between the pubic area and the navel for 20 minutes a day.

  • Rheumatic pain:

Put the stone right where there is the point of pain. Pass in the form of massage when the pain is in a wide area. Repeat 10 minutes for several days.

  • Loss of a loved one:

Use the amethyst in the form of a necklace or bracelet to take it with us all day to help us stabilize our sadness. It is important that the necklace or bracelet constantly touch our skin. It is advised for 10 minutes a day to take the stone and pass it through our hands and feet with the intention of cleaning our sorrows, as in the solar plexus part. We will pass the stone with the intention of dismissing our loved one with all the love of our heart. You can also use a pink crystal quartz, symbol of love. Every two days it is advisable to clean the amethyst energetically so that the stone transmutes the negativity that we have transmitted to it.

  • Mental clarity and planning of our life:

When we feel lost, not knowing what direction to take, and we even feel mentally disordered as a result of work or family stress, it is advisable to put the stone for 10 minutes a day on our forehead, just in the sixth farm. It will clear the ideas that we have confused in our mind and it will increase our creativity to find options that we did not think existed. If we use a rose crystal with the amethyst, it will help us to carry out deep meditations.

  • Increase self-esteem:

To raise self-esteem is necessary to have a balance between what we think, what we perceive and what our heart desires above all, or in other words, a balance between the mind, emotions and our soul. For this we need three amethyst stones, the first we will put on our forehead, the second in our heart and the third in our belly where we do what only the woman can do, our children. In this way we align everything we are and feel we are able to draw our inner power outward. Repeating this exercise 10 minutes a day in a comfortable position for a week, you will begin to feel different. Do not forget to repeat positive statements to yourself while doing the exercise, so the results will be what you expect. This exercise can also be combining with rose quartz.

Gem therapy is a very extensive technique, however these tips will help you to know how to apply the properties of the amethyst stone and do self-therapy. amethyst is a great healing stone. Do not forget to never take out your innate creativity to use this mineral in other ways and look for your own techniques.


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