The Secrets to Buying the Perfect Commercial Refrigerator

If you are going to start a business venture that requires buying a commercial refrigerator then keep in mind that you will have to consider several factors before looking for the top 10 best refrigerators in India.

The first point to consider is the type of business. In the market, there are different sorts of refrigerators suitable for different commercial purposes. The commercial refrigerators are designed for the bars, restaurants, grocery stores, ware houses, cold storages and for fuel stations.

The Secrets to Buying the Perfect Commercial Refrigerator


Different businesses require the refrigerators to maintain different temperatures. Most of the commercial units are able to maintain the fridge temperature between 36 and the 40 degrees Fahrenheit and the temperature of the freezer can range between -2 and 2 degrees Fahrenheit. But the size of the refrigerator can vary the temperature.

If your business requires the frequent opening of the refrigerator then you can choose to buy a number of smaller units instead of a single big one to maintain the desired temperature.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency and cooling performance are two extremely important factors that are interrelated. Keep in mind that the cooling performance and energy efficiency are inversely proportional to each other.

If you want a refrigerator that maintains the cooling despite of the power outages, frequent opening and heavy loads of commodities then you will have to pay big bucks for it each month in the form of your electricity bills. However, if you can compromise on the cooling then you can save a lot of energy which too is going to reflect in your electricity bills.


A very important factor that can raise or lower the price of the refrigerator is its safety design. You will have to keep in mind the placement and setting of the refrigerator. If it is going to be placed on inflammable flooring or walls then you should prefer to buy the one which has steel and glass bodies. The steel and the glass prevent the sparks to spread in case of an electric shock or a short circuit etc.

The safety cords to play a role in safety. Typically the cords of commercial refrigerators have two layers of insulation but you can order for more layers of insulation for added safety. The power plug should also be certified as ‘hospital safe’.


The other things that can really make a refrigerator perfect for your business are its maintenance costs and some machinery parts. If you have a limited knowledge about the parts and maintenance of a refrigerator then it is a good idea to take a certified technician along with you. You can hire a technician for that purpose.

His job will be to inspect the compressor, evaporator and condenser of the refrigerator and to tell you about the maintenance costs. The electricity bills and the monthly maintenance costs can be a deciding factor in favor of or against a refrigerator.


So actually the perfect commercial refrigerator is the one that strikes the right balance between your requirements and the resources you have to invest in the unit.


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