Stone Flooring: Maintenance And Benefits

When it comes to renovating a facility’s interior, architects and home builders are pulling out the carpet and synthetic flooring and replacing it with stone flooring. Natural stone flooring includes limestone, slate, granite, marble, and terrazzo. It is all the latest rage among commercial and residential flooring. Natural stone flooring is easy to maintain and has numerous benefits. The stone floor is not that expensive. You have to make an initial investment of diamond pads, floor machine and stone specific chemicals. These costs are, however, recovered quickly, keeping into account there is often less need for finishes, floor chemicals, strippers that traditional flooring requires. It is always better to hire a professional stone flooring service to avoid any accidents or mishaps. One must always hire expert Stone Flooring Services in Oakland CA for the renovation of their hallways, living areas, kitchen, floors, and bathrooms and for exterior paved areas.

Benefits of Natural Stone Flooring

Stone flooring not only looks classy and elegant but also provides natural beauty to your environment. It is simply timeless. They are not only cost effective but also easy to maintain.

Easy To Clean

Concrete stone flooring is easy to clean. Just mop it once with a wet cloth or towel. It does not require any store bought or heavy chemicals for mopping.

Adds Value to Your Property

Natural stone flooring is very popular as they are practical, hygienic and hard-wearing. They suit the modern lifestyle and never goes out of fashion. It not only adds value to your property but is also timeless. They have been used since the beginning of time and is here to stay.

Unique and Special

Stone floor pieces are never identical. Each piece is unique and special. Each stone tile has different coloring, characteristics, and veining. Putting together they radiate style and elegance.

Low Maintenance

Natural stone flooring requires low maintenance. They are compatible and doesn’t require high maintenance. Now you don’t need to fret over cleanliness and mop your floor twice.

Heat Conductor

Stone floors are the best heat conductors. If you are considering underfloor heating then it is the best option for you. Who doesn’t like warm homes and lower bills? They are not only cheap, practical but also eco-friendly.

Stain Resistant

The best thing about stone flooring is that they are not only durable and sturdy but also stain resistant. Now you don’t need to worry when you accidentally spill your coffee on the floor. Simply mop regular soft brush and voila it is as clean as newly installed.


They are not only valued for their infinite style but also for their renowned durability. Stone flooring especially granite is highly durable and long lasting. It is one of the densest and hardest stone material, which can be easily honed flat and polished smooth. It is also resistant to stains and water penetration.

Keep the Climate Cooler

It is a highly preferred choice especially in warmer countries as it helps keep the climate cooler in your office or home. One of the biggest advantages of stone flooring is that it helps keep the climate of your house cool when it is burning hot outside. Carpet tends to retain heat, in return making your home feel warmer whereas stone flooring repels heat thus keeping the atmosphere cool.

Natural stone flooring not only adds character, class, and sophistication to your home and offices but also creates a sense of space. Concrete floors are slowly becoming the latest trend due to its characteristics. They not only enhance the beauty of your interior but also of your exterior areas. You have a variety to choose from concrete flooring from limestone to granite, from marble to slate. You name it and professionals have it. One must always hire an expert for the installation of concrete stone flooring. There are many good Concrete Flooring Services in Oakland CA which transforms your residential or commercial area into seamless natural beauty.


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