Plenty of Reasons to Book A Commercial Van Service

Once you get your own vehicle, you wonder how you ever did without it. How on earth did you manage to get to and from work or buy groceries before? We become totally reliant on our cars, sometimes being tempted to use them for very short distances.

But if you think that’s an issue, consider how much businesses rely on their commercial vehicles. Whatever the size of an organisation, whether they are running one vehicle or 20, every moment off the road is money down the drain.

That’s why it amazes me that so many businesses try and stretch out servicing and repairs. They may save a little money in the short-term but, in the long-term, it could badly affect their business and cost them a fortune.

Commercial Van Service

As with most regional areas, commercial van service on the Sunshine Coast is very important. Customers rely on deliveries being made, whether it’s business to business or business to customer. But that’s not the only issue here; commercial vehicle owners have a responsibility to their drivers and other road users to care for their vehicles well.

The truth is, if you try and cut corners, it will catch up with you. Transport departments and police come down very hard on those who try and flaunt the rules.

Talk to anyone who has worked as a commercial vehicle driver for any length of time and they will have some real horror stories to tell. I’ve heard plenty over the years, including one about a wheel falling off a commercial van!

The driver was very lucky to escape without injury but that could have been a very sorry tale indeed, not to mention what it did to the business’s reputation.

Commercial Van Service Sunshine Coast

If you’re looking for a commercial van service on the Sunshine Coast, you want to be sure they have the capacity to accommodate your vehicle. Most standard-sized workshops can’t offer this service. What you need is a service centre with a specially designed area for working on commercial vehicles.

If you are one of the many switching to European commercial vehicles, you should also ensure the workshop you choose specialises in these makes and models. European vehicles are very advanced technologically and require expert knowledge and the right diagnostic tools to do the job properly.

Mercedes, Volkswagen and Renault all make exceptionally good commercial vehicles and are far more affordable than you may think.

Minimise Disruption

Regular maintenance and servicing of commercial vehicles is proven to reduce operating costs. It eliminates any surprises and minimises disruption to your business. It’s not rocket science – poorly maintained vehicles will break down unexpectedly and more frequently.

A key part of any commercial van service is checking the brakes, clearly a crucial component of the vehicle’s safety system. It’s not only unfair to expect an employee to drive a vehicle with poor brakes, but it’s also illegal and could land you in some very hot water.

Apart from your moral obligation to provide a roadworthy vehicle, there is a very sound financial argument for carrying out regular maintenance. If one of your drivers had an accident in one of your vehicles, you’d be looking at downtime, repairs, insurance costs, possible WorkCover costs or, in the worst case, legal action. All that when all you had to do was arrange a regular commercial van service.

A poorly maintained vehicle will also cost you more to run. It will use more oil, lose fuel efficiency and wear down components quicker. It’s a knock-on effect. Take wheel alignment, for example. Get it fixed immediately and you’re back to normal. Leave it to get worse and it could damage your steering and suspension and cost you a lot more.

Protect Your Brand

There’s another side of poor commercial vehicle maintenance that many owners don’t even consider. What message does it send to your customers?

There is a lot more competition these days, which means customers have more choice. And that means they will judge more critically. Your commercial vehicle is part of your brand, your overall image. If it’s old, worn out and puffing out clouds of black smoke, it’s probably not the image you want to portray!

Legally, a commercial vehicle can be pulled over at almost any time by the police or transport department. It could be that they have noticed something amiss with the vehicle, or they are just carrying out random checks. Either way, the law is strict, and breeches attract tough penalties.

The vehicle can be checked for all matters relating to maintenance and condition, including brakes, lights and steering, as well as overloading, driver fatigue and more.

Fleet Vehicle Management

Light commercial vehicles are classed as any vehicle built to carry goods or equipment, including panel vans, utes and cab chassis vehicles. These account for more than one in six registered vehicles in Australia.

The best advice is to book a regular commercial van service on the Sunshine Coast. If you have a fleet of vehicles, discuss fleet management options with the workshop.


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