Are you someone who truly loves writing? Do you hate when people boss around you for no reason? Are you truly passionate about something and want to share your experiences with people? Well, if so, we have a perfect solution to your problems. You can take up blogging as your full time career option, and guess what, make great money out of it.

Well, blogging has some great benefits that you will enjoy if you take blogging as your full time career option. Let us look into some of them.

  1. The perfect career for writers

This is one basic rule for blogging, bloggers must be passionate about writing. If that’s missing, they may not enjoy the work every day. Now if you are really passionate about writing, this is your chance. You get to do all that you truly love the most. You get to write on everything that you love the most. Beauty, fashion, technology, sports, education, parenting, automobiles, food, finance, forex and crypto and what not. This takes  us to another benefit that you will read about in the next point.

  1. Write about what you love the most

Like we said, there is nothing at all that restricts you. You decide what you love writing the most about. Now is it food that you love the most? If so, share about the best cafes your audience should visit. Or maybe, you can share abut a unique recipe or anything that relates to food. If you love fitness, here’s your chance to become a trainer on internet. Talk about the nutritional value of foods and give best tips to people. Like we said, you write what you love. If you think you love too many things and cant pick which one of them is best for you, you get to write about all of them. Trust us, this is so much fun.

  1. No boss to boss around

This is perhaps the most interesting fact. You are your own boss. No one to tell you that you’ve not completed work on time, no one to please and of course, full freedom. You wont get scolded for messing things up or not showing up in time. Well, when you have it all, what are you waiting for?

  1. No typical 9 to 5 work

The beauty of this role is that you don’t have fixed working hours. You choose when you wish to wake up, go to bed, take leaves and what not. Wake up late in the morning and go shopping if you like. Keep sleeping all day long and have breakfast in bed everyday and feel lazy. Write when you want to write, and do everything else  whenever you decide to do it. It is as simple as that. Is there anything better than that? I doubt.

  1. Who doesn’t love good money

Now we get talking. You love writing, you get to sleep all day if you like, you have no bosses or seniors or reporting managers and of course, you write about all that you are passionate about. Now what’s next? You even get paid to do this. Also, its not some handy change we are talking about. We are talking about a six figure sum. Sounds awesome, right?

We believe by now you know all the amazing facts you know about this career. It is time you take a step towards the right career. Consult the pioneers of the education industry, Leverage Edu and take a step towards your future. But until then, stay tuned!


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