Leading Manufacturer of Copper Products

Within just a decade, India has become capable of holding 3 percent of market share in the copper industry across the globe, from merely owning a single state-owned copper manufacturing company.Furthermore, copper has application in the power, communication, heating, transport, water, and agriculture as well as the technology sector. Tamra Dhatu is a leading copper manufacturer and supplier of India, owned by the reputable Singhee family of Kolkata. The company has its administrative and registered office at Kolkata, whereas its branches at Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Delhi cater to the requirement of the rich client base worldwide.

Tamra Dhatu has been awarded with certificates such as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, CE Certificate, and RoHS Certificate. The stature reached by the company is contributed by the core values demonstrated by the stakeholders. The operation of the organization is based on innovative research practices as well as aggressive promotional strategies. Also, driven by the need to provide supreme quality products and services to the client, Tamra Dhatu developed a team of goal-oriented professionals who provide enormous economic value to the company. At the same time, the cost advantage of the company enables it to offer a competitive price to the clients, further enhancing the bond with the consumers.

Tamra Dhatu is the manufacturer and trader of Copper and Zinc along with other non-ferrous metal products. The diversified range of products offered by the company includes Oxygen Free Copper Rod, Copper Wire, Bunched Conductor, Tinned Copper Wire, Copper Bussbar, Copper Strips and Insulated Copper Conductors, and many more. The application of the aforementioned products involves switchgears, panel, radiators, refrigerators, electrical appliances, connectors, etc. Apart from this, Tamra Dhatu also supplies copper wire rod, copper scrap, aluminium ingot, lead ingot, nickel plates, copper cathode, zinc ingots, aluminum rod, tin ingots, etc. to cater to the daily requirement of the widespread clientele of the company.

Tamra Dhatu is driven by Innovation, Integrity, Discipline, Dignity, and Perseverance.  In order to provide excellent customer service to the clients, simple queries as well as entire management strategies are resolved or developed through a detailed discussion with the stakeholders which in turn helps the company to build trust and maintain a long-term relationship with the customers and the clients. At the same while, this process allows Tamra Dhatu to improve their operation and strategies through the dynamic process of knowledge sharing. The results are prominently exhibited in the strong global position held by Tamra Dhatu, the local flexibility and the operational excellence of the organization.

In the current years, Tamra Dhatu owns a decently large plant that possess the capacity of handling 12000 MT of Copper as well as 6000 MT of Zinc products annually. Having the ability to team up with the best national and international stakeholders and suppliers, Tamra Dhatu offers supreme quality Copper Drawn and Wire Conductors, Copper Rolled and Extruded Products, Electrical Wires and Cables, Earthing and Cable Support System, as well as special products such as PV Ribbon, Copper Nuggets, and many more.


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