How To Use Grammarly The Best Way To Improve Your English Writing Online?

You may be finding any method to improve your English writing online because you make many mistakes in grammar, punctuation, spelling etc. so you wanted the best method to solve all your problems. Then you are in the right place, here I will be telling you how you can use Grammarly in the best way to improve your English writing online.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an AI assistant designed to provide you assistance writing. There are various features which helps you to write anything without having worry about spelling grammar, punctuations etc. Grammarly has a large user base of freelancer writers, bloggers, copywriters and many more who have to write frequently.

They use Grammarly to build the confidence of writing better and professional content without making any silly mistakes. It is a very effective way to improve the writing of any document as its AI will detect for any kind of grammatical mistakes and will provide you the detail report of the document. It will give a correct suggestion wherever the mistake is present in the document.

Why Grammarly is best for writing?

Grammarly is best for writing because it is one of kind tool which provides great assistance to you in writing documents, emails, articles, official letters, and much more stuff. Other than that Grammarly is the very simple and user-friendly tool which even a student can use it for writing projects.

Every freelance writer uses Grammarly to write and check for any kinds of errors present in the article so that the article can be delivered error-free otherwise he will not get paid by the client if the content is not good. Because writing is like nobody can master it, people may have done some mistakes while writing anything.

Why bloggers use Grammarly?

Bloggers usually hire freelancers to write the blog post for them but at the beginning when most of us don’t have enough money to hire services then we start writing our own content but the problem we face while writing is that we don’t know how to write an article or do many small mistakes or may get writers block which means you find it very difficult to write anything. So to overcome this problem blogger use Grammarly to correct the wrong spelling, grammatical mistakes, and other stuff.

Bloggers don’t use Grammarly only for writing assistance they also use it for checking for the plagiarism content. Now the plagiarism is the wrongful publishing of others original work as your work and publishes it online. it is unauthorized use of other original work. so to check if the blog post they are going to upload is already published by any other website or not. So they don’t get in googles eye.

Google is very strict in the matter of plagiarism. If you have published any other content then Google will terminate your account permanently. So to be safe from any kind of troubles use Grammarly.

Other than bloggers and writer students are also started using the Grammarly tool as they have to submit and write many class project. So the project should be accurate to get the full grade. Seeing this Grammarly encourage the students to use it by giving Grammarly students discount here at and coupons from which you can get great discounts and save some money.

Grammarly awesome features

Grammarly offers three packages which include the free, premium and business. now you can choose according to your needs and comfort.  

Free version

The free version is absolutely free to download and you will get the basic feature which is you can be able to check for the grammatical mistakes and punctuation. It is fine to use the free version if you are not a frequent writer and if you write daily then you should want to write more professionally then there comes the other two packages.

Premium version

In the premium version, you will have to purchase it to get access to all the premium features which are not for a free version. In the premium version, you will be given a lot of features which will become handy to use it in writing the document 100% accurate and professional.  The cost of the premium package is not much everyone can afford it and look at the features it is giving then the cost is less in comparison with the features.


If you are running an organization or office of writers or need the tool in bulk for the employes then a business plan is the right choice. Because in the business package you will get admin panel from where you can be able to manage all the accounts.

There are amazing features Grammarly offers in the premium package which are the following

  1. Plagiarism

As mentioned in the above article. Plagiarism tool is very important to check for the content duplication online. you will get the most accurate result of the content and then you can be sure to publish the article without the fear of plagiarized content.

  1. Customized scan

You can choose how the AI of Grammarly will scan the document according to your preference. You can do the setting if your document is formal, informal and if it includes emotion or not and what is the writing style of your document like general, describe, conversational etc.

  1. Suggestions

After it has scanned for the mistakes it will show the correct words which you can replace the wrong word with. It means you don’t have to find the correct option by yourself.

So this was the article on how to use Grammarly to improve your English writing online.


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