How to Increase Sales in Your Furniture Store during Off-Peak Hours

Consumers shopping for furniture are continually researching their purchases online and visiting the showroom less. As a result, the showroom that was buzzing with customers at peak hours can also be a business wasteland at peak-off times.

However, having a furniture showroom is essential for the furniture business. It allows the customers to test the comfort level of the desired furniture, or how it feels to sit at a dining table. Motivating your customers to visit the showroom is the key to creating a lively atmosphere and increase sales.

Here are some tips to increase sales at off-peak hours.

Engage customers online

Use social media to your benefit. You must be aware that your potential customers are connected online and that’s where they are researching about the product you are selling. Use social media to spread out the word of your business along with inviting the customers to post the picture of what they want to see in the showroom. You can also reward them with gifts that they need to collect from the store in the off-peak hours to increase sales.

Apart from connecting with potential customers, you can use social media to post a new range of furniture and describe them to grab the attention of the audience wanting to buy innovative and latest designs of furniture. You can add trendy with good quality such as a teak wood table, kosso wood bed, chairs, and rattan sofa set and invite the customers to experience the comfort level of the furniture that a screen cannot do justice with.

Host In-store event

In-store events give you the opportunity to showcase your products effectively. You can host a poetry night for literature students, or have a charity coffee or bake sale, or even host a fashion show for a nearby clothing shop along with showcasing your furniture. Hosting shows allow the customer to experience the products you sell. You can also have a photo session of models with your furniture on your location to build a momentum of your brand. You can ask your guests to register and later ask for feedback and ideas about future events.

Become a person for furniture advice

During the peak-off hours, you have the luxury to spend a detailed time with your customers who visited the store. Make sure that you offer them special advice about the furniture. Invite visitors to ask questions online followed by invitation to the store to demonstrate what you were talking about. You can explain about the materials used in making the furniture how to take care of these products.

Use storefront displays to divert passers-by

Have you ever come across a clothing shop and not seen the latest fashionable clothes on display in their shop window? Your answer most likely is “no.” Think about it: you need to develop an interest among the audience and aspire your customers to visit the shop. Like the clothing shop, use the trendiest piece of furniture and create a scene around them to pique the interest of the people passing by. It can be any movie scene, a tea party with good company, a soiree with ambient lighting and luxurious lifestyle, or merely a child’s bedroom with creative storage and play solutions. Remember to keep changing the display to keep the audience’s interest at its peak.

Thinking creatively to engage the customers, you can make your furniture store into a hub of off0peak activities that can increase sales. You only need to set goals and timeframe your ideas, so you can understand what works best for your future success.


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