How To Fix A Shower Door Yourself—Tips And Tricks To Maintain A Shower Door

Not every shower door glass repair is cryptic or hazardous. Fortunately, there are a few problems which are certain and that we can fix ourselves. Following are some basic repair techniques of shower enclosure glass:


Find out your problem first:

No matter if your door is sliding or swinging, you can’t  probably tackle your situation if you don’t know what is going on. You can pretty easily handle your own shower door repair situation, if you pinpoint the damager fault. A standard shower glass door repair doesn’t necessarily need a professional and you can take care of most of the fixes in your house if you have the basic knowledge of how stuff work.

Years and years of usage depreciate the glass:

Like any other thing, shower doors age with the passage of time. A standard shower has to face drastic temperature change, the humidity level keeps shifting. Vanity is a necessity of life and the showers are used on a daily basis; all of these factors contribute to damage and you end up calling shower door glass replacement services sooner than you are expecting.

Sliding shower enclosure glass repair:

It can be a big time trouble if your sliding door isn’t sliding any more. We have seen some situations where every time the homeowner has to go close the sliding doors with incredible push. If you have to brace yourself against slippery walls and tug with all your might to shut the door, something is seriously wrong. Sliding shower doors are designed to roll smoothly and effortlessly on your part. Here are some things you can do to make the sliding part smooth:

Carefully clean the shower door tracks:

Pour some white vinegar and a few table spoons of baking soda into the tracks and let the mixture sit for 5-10 mins; If the vinegar drains away quickly, then you may need to temporarily block the track’s weeping holes. Those are there normally to allow water to escape.  Then, rinse thoroughly and try and see if any scum washes away. You may need to do this one or two more times. Grab an old tooth brush and brush away the filth right after you pour the white vinegar. Keep in mind that the excessive use of chemical-based detergents can harm the aluminum if your tracks so going green, using white vinegar and baking soda is the best way to go.

Scrub the door tracks carefully:

If a simple vinegar and  baking soda rinse didn’t improve things, you may need some elbow grease. Using vinegar or a mineral detergent and brush out the tracks. Get rid of any debris or blockage; If you need to literally chisel out the gathered scale or mineral deposits for your shower door repair, use a rigid wooden edge. You will definitely scratch the surface’s finish around the tracks if you get out a knife or screwdriver! It is better to let the solution soak in for several minutes before you start brushing or scraping. Once you are done scraping, wash away the tracks and grease them well with the help of a good quality lithium-ion white grease. Be very careful while putting a lubricant on, the lubricant must not reach the floor of your bathroom for it will cause slips.

Remove Any Debris from Tracks:

We all know that the showers are exposed to different materials besides water; with soaps, shampoos, shaving cream. Let’s not forget all the bumping and abuse the doors take, plus the extra service they provide holding up towels or wet laundry. It makes sense that sometimes things get a little old, and your shower door needs well thought maintenance. If it’s hard to spray out the tracks, be sure to inspect them closely. You may have to get a tweezers and remove small debris that lodged within the tracks. You’ll be surprised at what falls in there. Also, if you’ve loosened a gummy surface, some of those pieces may not have washed away if you’re unable to rinse thoroughly.


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