Does a surrogate mother influence a baby’s adult height?

This is a very common question which arises in the mind of each couple who have been opting for the surrogacy procedure. According to the study, it has been found that shorter women tend to have shorter pregnancies and also they tend to have an elevated risk for birthing smaller babies and premature deliveries. The heights of the intended parents did not affect the height of baby as the study showed that maternal height which has been established by genetic factors is directly responsible for the length of the gestation which means the height of the surrogate mother also not affect the height of baby. It is only that the maternal height will tell the length of the pregnancy.

How the couples can predict the height of the baby born through surrogacy?

At Select IVF India, we guide you to check the baby’s heights that are born through surrogacy. The following are the ways to predict the baby’s height:

  1. a) Follow the Curve: The follow the curve is the best way as suggested by Dr. Nalini Gupta to predict the height of the baby born through surrogacy. By using your child’s current height where they are on the growth curve at any age to predict their future height.
  2. b) Two times two years: This is another method which the fertility experts at Select IVF India suggest to the couples to measure the child’s future height that was born through surrogacy procedure. But with this method, there is one drawback that you need to wait for 2 years.
  3. c) Genetic Potential Height Predictor: This is one of the most accurate methods used at Select IVF India to predict the child’s future height. This method considers the child’s genetic based on the parents’ average height.

To predict your child’s future height with this method:

  • Record the height of the genetic mother. In the case of surrogacy, the gestational surrogate mother is a genetic mother for a baby born.
  • Record the height of the genetic father.
  • Average of both genetic parents will give the future height of the baby born through surrogacy.

While these height predictors are not 100% accurate. They just give you a rough idea that how tall your kids might be in their future.

Important Note

It has been found that child who born through surrogacy their height is largely controlled by genetics. At Select IVF India, we suggest the couples note that children grow at different rates. There are some children who begin to grow their height in their early phase, however, others are late bloomers and they take time to grow with height according to their body mass index (BMI).

If you have concerns about your child’s growth that were born through surrogacy then you speak to Dr. Nalini Gupta. She will examine the baby and will plot your child’s growth on a standardized growth chart which determines that your child is following his or her curve, as well as she is able to help you in predicting adult height.

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